The internet is a great resource, but finding good, useful resources is like finding a needle in a haystack. I'm like you, looking for great content for a great price (free). Here's a few I've stumbled on.

Art Education


Free drawing exercises and curriculum. The best free spot to learn how to improve your brush control.


Ctrl-Paint is the first resource I always recommend to beginner digital artists. Matt Kohr teaches Photoshop for free, but many of the concepts translate seamlessly to Manga Studio 5.


A good community for artists looking to improve their concept art skills with good Photoshop-based tutorials, challenges and feedback.

ClipStudioPaint Tutorials

ClipStudioPaint provides great tutorials on how to use Manga Studio 5. In fact, they’re the exact same program. The tutorials featured here are direct from Japan.

Flyland Designs

A robust library of Youtube videos with detailed articles by Brian Allen. An excellent resource for aspiring western comic artists.


Proko is a great traditional artist resource. He maintains a large youtube library of excellent tutorials, especially if you’re looking to improve your pencil work.

Brush Packs


Frenden is the premier Manga Studio 5 guy and one of the few I trust implicitly for drawing hardware reviews. His Manga Studio 5 brush packs cost a fist-full of ones, but they’re the best brushes around.

Flyland Designs

Offers two robust brush packs for the low price of 7 bucks.

Daub Brushes

An excellent brush pack with textured paints, washes, and pencils. Excellent for those looking for a unified brush set across Procreate, Affinity, and Manga Studio.