If you’re looking for alternatives to the default brushes or you want to learn how to play with the brush settings, there’s two purchasable brush packs for Manga Studio 5. Now, neither of these are like what you usually find in brush packs, chock full of contextually-specific texture brushes that you can’t really illustrate with. They’re filled with usable, functional brushes that serve more than just adding flair to backgrounds.

Frenden’s Manga Studio 5 200+ Brush Super Set (14.99 USD)

Frenden was the first paid-for brush set for Manga Studio 5 as far I can remember. He was one chosen one who could make a complicated inking brush for Photoshop, so I gave his Manga Studio 5 brushes a try.

I wasn’t disappointed. If you’re looking for brushes that closely resemble the exact feel and appearance of high level Photoshop digital painting, his brush set has it. In terms of replicating all the tools necessary from strong, clean digital work, Frenden’s brushes provide every necessary tool, ranging from inking to painting.

Just today, Frenden just made updates to some of his brushes, so if you already bought the pack, there should be an email lingering in your inbox.

Daub’s Brush Sets (8.99€

Daub’s brush sets are roughly the same quality as Frenden’s. If you’re looking for a more natural look via water-color, I would suggest giving his a try.

The one core feature that separates Daub’s brushes from Frenden’s are present in his pencil tools (which are free!) Digital pencils have always had a weakness of being just the tip of the pencil, but most people use pencils on their side. Daub’s brushes support tilt to replicate the differences between using a tip and shading.