If you’re a gamer, Twitch.tv is probably your secondary source of entertainment and your primary source of content. Recently, the Creative category has been reaching the top page with relative frequency. It turns out that plenty of people stream Manga Studio 5 there. I haven’t really sat down to review specific ones, but you can generally tell what programs streamers are using based off of their interface. Alternatively, #mangastudio5 or #clipstudiopaint might help you find a stream specific to those programs.

Why watch Twitch? Technically, it’s no better than Livestream or other streaming sites so there’s no specific advantage the site gives. I personally use it because that’s where I normally watch things, but the site isn’t normally associated as an art resource despite being quite a useful one.

Overall, it’s refreshing to watch people work at a normal pace instead of a sped up version crammed into a youtube video. On top of that, most streamers are responsive to questions so if you’re curious about a specific technique, they might actually answer it. It is important to note that most artists have a very similar workflow regardless of what program you’re using. Many concepts that apply to Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI also cross over to Manga Studio, so make sure to watch streamers whose art style intrigues you regardless of what program they’re using.

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