I’m happy to present the new and improved Manga Studio Sensei. Pardon my dust and eraser shavings as I fill the website with more tutorials, tips and tricks.

First off, my long term goal is to be able to present enough materials to get an absolute digital art beginner to feel comfortable with Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio 5 within 2 months, which is the duration if the Intuos Manga trial. There are a lot of mysterious tools in the program, but I hope to help clarify what makes this program an amazing piece of software.

Secondly, I want to be able to catalog all the best resources for an aspiring digital artist. Google often fails in finding the right resources for a budding digital artist, especially those looking for how to draw in the style of anime. Luckily, the resources do exist! They’re often buried deep within deviantArt or other large sites, but I hope to unearth everything you need to get over your drawing slumps!

Lastly, I wish to help you stay abreast of technology involving digital art while making sure that you don’t stress about upgrading. Occasionally, tablets don’t play nice with your PC and it feels like it’s broken, but there’s often a simple fix! Maybe you’re curious about a new fancy digitizer, but you don’t know how it’ll actually perform with Manga Studio. Either way, there’s a lot of cool input devices out there but it’s not feasible to try them all on a normal budget. Hopefully I can make the purchasing process easier!

I look forward to building this site to be bigger and better. Drawing is fun, but helping is more fulfilling~!