This site has been woe-fully barren for some time. To make a long story short, I’ve been blogging the wrong way.

I’m more of a technical user than an actual artist. Drawing is very difficult for me even though I have been able to do complete works before. What ended up happening was that I would try to work on specific projects and how-tos, but I would get hung up on not having finished product. Very much like the beginner digital artist, I’d start out on a cool function, but by the time I’d get done with that part, I’d exhaust myself and lose sight of the final image. Like most artistic endeavors, most pieces don’t look good until everything falls into place, so my brain would scrap the project and try to start anew. This cycle repeated itself until I gave up for the most part.

It turns out that no matter how much I worked at it, there is no raw substitute to being an artist. My artistic expectations were much higher than the amount of practice I was putting into actually drawing. Unlike most artists, I do not draw every day. In fact, sometimes it’s once every two weeks and very little during school. Now that school is over, I can get into this again.

So, what is this blog really for if I’m going to draw less and write more? Right now, I’ll be posting resources that I find useful and will try to explain how they’re useful, even if they’re not done in Manga Studio.